Dimitri Bekinin

Technical Product Manager
Top Accomplishments
  • Work as part of Product Management teams for 16 Products.
  • Real experience with developing and managing the multi-platform products.
  • Experience in such domain areas as Web Security and Cyber Security, Taxi booking apps, Restaurant systems, Talent evaluation and recruiting platforms, Shipping and Delivery apps, CRMs mobiles apps, Collaboration and Video conferencing platforms, Search engines, Game portals.
  • Managing large and small international and outsourced engineering projects and teams.
  • Experience with various technologies like ruby on rails, java, c#, php, objective c, javascript

Leading hands-on product development experience through entire Software Development Life Cycle.

Expertise details

2 years of Product Management experience, define and manage Product vision and roadmap, product backlog, user stories and requirements definition with wireframing.
3 years of IT Executive experience as CEO, CTO and Director of Engineering.
6 years of proven experience using Scrum and applying Agile principles and practices as Agile consultant, Agile Project manager or Scrum master.
8 years of IT Management experience as Project manager, Delivery manager or Senior project manager.
11 years of IT technical experience.

How I can be helpful
Drive the vision and execution of a product.
Reduce product development costs.
Build customer confidence through on-time delivery.
Improving communication and transparency (and trust) from your development team.
Help to understand the impact of technologies on your roadmap, and how they drive innovation.
Improve prioritization and planning for product features.
Areas of Expertise

Product management and Product development.

MVP and MFP for new products or ideas.

Saas products and multi-platform products e.g. web, iOS and Android clients.

Agile Project and Product Management.

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